Business to Consumer

Many of our clients provide services and goods directly to end user consumers in retail, laboratory testing, insurance services, consumer parts, and many others. Consumer spending accounts for approximately 70% of the U.S. economy, and is the single largest and most important economic segment. Heritage has advised many consumer focused companies in selling and in developing business strategy. Over the next several years, we believe consumer-related companies will continue to be a primary focus for investment, value creation, and transaction activity.

Whether you are selling your company, buying a company, or making a key strategic decision, Heritage can help by bringing local, regional, national, and worldwide consumer focused mergers and acquisitions knowledge to you. As in many other industries, B2C is consolidating resulting in both opportunity and risk. We can help you achieve your goals in this dynamic environment.

Through our own resources and our alliance with Oaklins International, we stay current on identifying acquisition opportunities or potential buyers for your business. We thrive on tough challenges and are passionate about achieving the best results for you.

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