2020 M&A Overview - Building Materials & Distribution

By Don Wiggins - Heritage Capital Group. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has been nothing short of a violent shock to the global economy that left no industry unaffected. Maintaining the financial strength and resolve to persist through an unprecedented worldwide pandemic demands that companies become creative and use all the tools at their disposal to continue their growth. For firms in the industry looking to seize this period of economic rebound as a growth opportunity, one particularly effective tool is M&A. Economic downturn notwithstanding, the industry is well accustomed to M&A activity. Many firms strategically acquire related firms to diversify product mix, achieve top-line growth, or expand margins. Although the blockbuster-size, attention grabbing headline deals are few and far between, small-sized M&A transactions have become a staple of the industry. This dynamic has continued to prove advantageous for smaller business owners, whose companies are highly sought after by larger firms looking for growth opportunities. Download Full Article in PDF 


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