Cybersecurity for Business Owners Webinar

Bill Sorenson, principal at Heritage Capital Group, and Paul Dent, founder of Surenomics, LLC, hosted a webinar on "Cybersecurity for Business Owners."

It is a commonly held misconception that larger businesses are at a higher risk of receiving cyber-attacks than small to medium enterprises due to the scale of the operation and the sensitivity of the information. According to a recent study by IBM, 52% of cyber-attacks happened in organizations with just 11 to 100 employees (2020).

To learn more about cybersecurity and strategies to minimize your company's risk, click here to view the webinar on-demand. You can also select the video links below to view highlights on specific topics.

Topics covered:

  • Cybersecurity defined (video)
  • Examples of high-profile attacks (video, video)
  • Global impact of cybersecurity (video)
  • Types of industries most likely to be impacted (video)
  • Size of enterprises most likely affected
  • Frequency of cyber-attacks on small and medium enterprises
  • 3 Elements of cybersecurity (video)
  • Cybersecurity challenges for small and medium enterprises (video)
  • Adverse effects of a singular focus on growth at the risk of cybersecurity
  • Organizational and Leadership role in cybersecurity awareness
  • Best practice framework
  • The most significant threats to small and medium enterprises
  • Essential mitigation tactics (video)
  • Importance of cybersecurity insurance
  • Types of coverage and the question to ask
  • The impact a breach could have on mergers and acquisitions
  • Future considerations

Click here to download the slide deck for this presentation.

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