Mary Merrill Joins Poised for Exit Podcast

Mary Merrill, a principal at Heritage Capital Group, joined Julie Keyes from the Poised for Exit podcast to share her knowledge and experience in exit planning. The discussion focused on balancing personal financial goals and ownership transition goals.


Mary covered various topics, including the exit planning process, structuring deals, and financing options, and supported each issue with real-life examples to provide better context and understanding.


Several questions focused on exit planning for family businesses and the issues that arise beyond the usual business ones, such as preserving family relationships and addressing emotional dynamics.


The overall theme of the discussion was the importance of having a well-defined exit plan that guides the business toward its future goals. While some aspects of the strategy may require modification over time, it serves as a roadmap that keeps everyone accountable, on track, and clear on the direction of the business, even in the event of unexpected changes.


For additional information and to access the podcast, please click here.

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