Spot On Distribution Newsletter - November 2021

Oaklins’ Distribution Specialist Don Wiggins reports on the ups and downs in the distribution sector. On the one hand, it faces ongoing issues resulting from COVID-19 in combination with problems already present before the pandemic. On the other, completed M&A deals rose by 40% in Q2 2021, compared to 2020, although year-on-year valuations were down.

The latest Distribution Spot On covers these contrasting realities while also looking at valuations and trends in four distribution subgroups. The report also includes interviews with key players in the industry where they discuss present challenges and how supply companies could do things differently in the future.


"Serious supply chain disruptions continue, benefitting some logistics companies and hurting others. However, the distribution sector remains strong, thanks in particular to value-added companies that provide specialty services, sub-assembly, fulfillment and other services. Ocean vessel backups and shortages of labor, trucks and containers will continue to be problematic at least into 2022." - Don Wiggins, Distribution Specialist, Oaklins


The full expert commentary is here


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