Webinar: Inflationary Pressures on Borrowing, Restructuring, and Mergers & Acquisitions

Doug Kravet, Mary Merrill, and Alex Kellison presented a webinar on "Inflationary Pressures on Borrowing, Restructuring, and Mergers & Acquisitions."

The past two years have been a challenging time to run a business. Companies are dealing with supply-chain interruptions, rising raw material prices, tight labor markets, geopolitical uncertainty and many other issues. The Federal Reserve has begun taking action and is signaling a more aggressive stance to battle inflation.

The panel discussed the economic environment and how it could impact borrowing and M&A for middle market companies by providing practical insights. Click here to register and watch the on-demand webinar, or select the video links below to view specific topics.

Video Excerpts

  • Introduction (video)
  • Speakers' Introduction (video)
  • Economic Overview (video)
  • Inflationary Impact on Borrowing and Equity Investment (video, video, video)
  • Inflationary Impact on Company Operations and Restructuring (video, video)
  • Inflationary Impact on M&A transactions (video)
  • Final Comments (video)
  • Q&A - Question 1 (video)
  • Q&A - Question 2 (video)
  • Q&A - Question 3 (video)
  • Q&A - Question 4 (video)
  • Q&A - Question 5 (video)
  • Q&A - Question 6 (video)
  • Q&A - Question 7 (video)
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