Webinar: Planning on Selling Your Business in the Next Year?

Doug Kravet, Bert Tenenbaum, and Patrick Emmet presented a webinar for business owners considering selling their companies. A recording of the webinar can be viewed on-demand by clicking the links below.


Webinar Summary:

Are you thinking about selling your business? You're not alone. Every year, 5–10% of businesses are sold or merged with another company. Selling a business is a complex transaction with many moving parts. When coupled with the recent economic uncertainty, preparation is crucial to maximize value and minimize risk. In this webinar, Doug Kravet, Bert Tenenbaum, and Patrick Emmet explore some of the best practices for selling a company and how to prepare for the transaction.


Watch the video clips below for an informative discussion, including practical strategies and tactics you can immediately implement before selling your business to improve its value and streamline the selling process.


Video Clips

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