What Goes Down, Must Come Up - The Economy

October 31, 2022

Over 50 years ago, Blood, Sweat & Tears told us, “What goes up, must come down…” with their hit song “Spinning Wheel.” That lesson holds true today, as does the corollary lesson - “What goes down must come up!” Business owners may be focused on getting through tight times now, but preparing for the inevitable economic rebound is important.

Currently, venture investment is falling and the tech market is cooling. Founders of startups are more concerned with survival than an exit. The market can, however, turn around quickly, as it did in 2010. It pays to position yourself for the startup M&A wave that will likely arrive in the next couple of years. To prepare, you should view your startup through the eyes of a potential acquirer.

This article from the Harvard Business Review provides good tips to position your business to be attractive to investors in both good times and bad.

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