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Athletic Recovery Zone Has Been Acquired by Dragon Seats

Heritage Capital Group is pleased to announce that its client, Athletic Recovery Zone, has been acquired by Dragon Seats.


Athletic Recovery Zone was founded in 2010 by commercial and industrial HVAC specialists, Brian Cothren and Billy Quillen, to create modular climate control bench systems. The concept was borne out of a collaboration with Jacksonville Jaguars athletic trainers, who were searching for a cooling solution for players enduring Florida's hot, humid conditions. Today, the Company builds and rents patented temperature-controlled systems primarily to the athletics, entertainment, and events industries. The cooling system reduces heat related injuries and reduces core body temperatures quickly for athletes and event spectators. The system also converts to a heating system when weather conditions turn frigid.


Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Bourne Creations Inc., dba "Dragon Seats," provides climate-controlled benches and sideline solutions to the majority of NFL member clubs, dozens of Power-5 college football programs, baseball dugouts, and lifestyle spaces. The Company has a 25-year track record of maximizing safety, comfort, and performance for athletes in all-weather conditions.


Heritage served as the exclusive financial advisor and intermediary to Athletic Recovery Zone. Bill Prescott, principal with Heritage and lead advisor, stated, "I had the opportunity to work with Brian and Billy from the inception of the Company when I was with the Jaguars, and it was exciting to assist them in the sale of the company they built. The combination of ARZ and Dragon Seats will be a real powerhouse in this industry."


Brian Cothren commented, "Bill Prescott is highly regarded by Athletic Recovery Zone and its owners. We first encountered Bill Prescott before ARZ was even established when he was still with the Jacksonville Jaguars – who also was ARZ’s very first contracted customer. He was a contributing factor to our success even back then, long before ARZ was known in the football industry. It has been a great pleasure working with him and his team at Heritage Capital Group during all the negotiations and final sale of ARZ to Dragon Seats. He was instrumental in the success of the sale."


The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. For more information about the deal, click here.

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