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Heritage Capital Group Announces the Sale of Bernhardt Laboratories.

JANUARY 2010Bernhardt Laboratories, an anatomic testing laboratory, has been acquired by Aurora Diagnostics. A Heritage Capital Group team of Don Wiggins, Howard Serkin, and Doug Kravet initiated the transaction and negotiated the sale of the company. Bernhardt Laboratories, which began operations in 1986, focuses on providing dermatopathology and women’s health testing services for patients in Florida January 5, 2010 women s and Georgia. The company’s laboratory is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

The company’s personnel consists of board-certified pathologists, expert medical staff, and an experienced senior management team. These employees were critical in achieving the laboratory’s growth in recent years, and will remain in place after the transaction.

Aurora Diagnostics, LLC was founded in 2006 as a platform for the acquisition and integration of anatomic pathology and other diagnostic laboratory businesses. Aurora provides liquidity, administrative, technology, and management resources to assist their laboratory partners perform their core business more efficiently and effectively.

Don Wiggins, President of Heritage Capital Group, commented, “Bernhardt Laboratories has done an excellent job to develop the company as the premier pathology laboratory services provider in their area. We were very pleased with the high level of buyer interest, and to assist the Bernhardts in realizing the value they have built in the company.”


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