Business Valuations

When You Want to Know or When You Have to Know What Your Business is Worth.

Heritage Capital Group’s ability to serve clients in enhanced by a sister company – Business Valuation, Inc., a full service business valuation firm. Accurate business valuations impact a broad range of areas for companies of all sizes. While some valuations are required for tax and regulatory services, others are undertaken to analyze the financial value of specific products, programs, or operations in order to develop strategy, minimize risk, and maximize strengths.

business-valuations.jpgOur proprietary, analytically-driven valuation approach creates significant value realization for our clients. We use the valuation model to determine the value of the company (as it is currently operated), and to identify key value drivers, and then, to quantify the impact of implementing those strategies on the value of the company. We further use the model to determine the value of the company to different types of buyers and to analyze potential transaction structures.

Our analysts build the financial model of your company from historical financial data using software that we developed. The resulting model of your company can then be used to project future financial performance and the value to a buyer. The model can also be used to identify areas where value can be enhanced by calculating future financial performance given a different set of assumptions or changes in how the company is operated.

Our analysts have conducted thousands of valuations in a wide spectrum of industries. They are also key team members in the sale process during the due diligence phase because of their first-hand knowledge of your company’s financial model.

In addition to meeting the needs of our clients, our fully documented written reports are specifically designed to comply with IRS Revenue Rulings, the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and Department of Labor ESOP regulations.

Types of valuations include those for:

  • Sale of a Company
  • Tax planning and Compliance Valuations
  • Estate and Gifting
  • Financial Reporting Valuations
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Purchase of Sale of Interest
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