Improving Business Performance

The Expertise to Enhance Your Value.

Every company has opportunities to increase its value. Some are easily identified and some are not. We bring extensive experience and a fresh set of eyes to you, and can address specific issues that you identify or conduct an independent review to make recommendations to you. The increase in value our clients typically achieve is many times the cost of the project. One tool we use extensively is a Lean management technique called “Value Stream Analysis” that has helped many clients substantially improve specific business processes and improve profitability.

services-value-bill.jpgIncreasing the value of your company will attract buyers, strategic partners, and investors. Our value enhancement services are designed to improve the value of your company through proven methods delivered by our experienced professionals.”

Value Stream Analysis ("VSA") is one of the tools we offer as part of our value enhancement service portfolio. With VSA, we work alongside clients to design tactical plans that rapidly improve the value of the organization. We have successfully facilitated VSAs that dramatically improved the sales and marketing, operating, and administrative processes of clients in industries ranging from professional services to manufacturing.

Our experts will work with owners and senior management to identify opportunities for rapid improvement. Once the opportunity is identified, our experts will organize and facilitate a one to three day VSA "event" that will involve selected company personnel ranging from senior management to hands on staff.

The final product of the VSA event is a tactical rapid improvement plan. Within as few as thirty days of the completion of the event, the company can realize improvements within the analyzed process. Typically, the plans are fully implemented within three to six months.


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