Strategic Consulting

Delivering Insight and Expertise to Advance Your Vision.


Our strategic consulting services improve the value of the companies we serve. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor. We know that trust is earned. We want to earn your trust by demonstrating the value we can provide through strategic consulting. 

You created your business to deliver a service or product to your customers. As your business developed, you and your team implemented processes and procedures designed to manage performance, ensure quality, and enhance profitability. Over time, the day-to-day management of the business requires more of your time and your team’s time and focus. This creates the risk of losing the big picture of the business. 

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

As an owner, you have expectations for the performance of your business. For a variety of reasons, these expectations aren’t always met.

  • Perhaps, your company isn’t as profitable as you know it can be.
  • You find that customers are complaining about quality or on-time performance.
  • Your company consistently struggles with cash flow issues.
  • Sales are flat or, worse, declining.

Not meeting expectations requires analysis to determine why. However, the day-to-day demands of business owners and their management teams allow little time for such analysis. This is when a qualified third party provides real value with strategic consulting.

Strategic Consulting – How it Starts

It begins with a conversation. With no obligation other than to share your concern, you will meet with the Heritage team to talk about your personal and business goals and what you are seeing in the performance of your company. We will ask questions to improve our understanding of your business and the situations you are facing.

The Heritage team includes former CEOs, former CFOs, business owners, and experienced analysts. We’ve provided perspective and sound judgment to clients in a wide variety of business types across a wide variety of industries across the U.S. and around the world. Often, our clients are surprised at the insight we have into their business and experiences. While your business is unique to you, some company, somewhere, shares experiences similar to yours. Chances are good that the Heritage team has encountered or dealt with a similar issue. We conclude the conversation by mutually answering the question, “Can Heritage Capital Group help you with strategic consulting?” Because of the depth and breadth of our team, most times the answer is, “yes!” And in the rare instances when we don’t believe we are qualified to help, we can lean on our extensive network to find someone who can.

Strategic Consulting – The Process

Once we’ve agreed to work to help you realize the business you’ve envisioned, we will begin to work directly with you and your team to quickly and efficiently get to the ultimate causes of the issues you are experiencing with your company. We will constantly review our findings with you and give recommendations rooted in analytics. Our goal is to provide immediate and significant impact. Our strategic consulting assignments typically involve one or more of the following:

  1. Modeling the financials of the company to determine the value drivers, identify opportunities for cost reductions or efficiencies, and understand the expected cash flows.
  2. A review of capital structure, banking agreements, and other funding resources to understand opportunities to improve the value of owner equity and ensure growth plans are sustainable.
  3. A review of operations, including established metrics, to determine how the company is performing in relation to expectations and determine how to improve performance to increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction.
  4. An examination of the organizations’ structure, to include human resources, to determine opportunities to improve accountability, strengthen the management team, and create clear and responsive reporting.
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